Our Culture

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Unlike most corporate environments, we’ve influenced how people travel, race and explore, because we’ve built an environment that fosters the need to continually learn. We’re not what you think.

Our History

  • It’s been over 100 years and Goodyear is still going strong. Crazy, right? By looking into the history of Goodyear, you’ll soon discover how we’ve been leading the industry – and its evolution – from day one.

  • When Goodyear began, bicycles were gaining popularity and some of the coolest people had mustaches — we guess some things don’t change. Throughout our company’s lifespan we’ve gone from horseless carriages to race cars and rockets in pursuit of making the world run.

  • It all started in a converted strawboard factory on the banks of the Little Cuyahoga River in East Akron, OH. 13 employees produced tires for bicycles and carriages, as well as horseshoe pads and poker chips, all while helping Akron, OH, earn its "Rubber City" nickname.

  • Frank Seiberling, or F.A. to his friends, began the company with a $3,500 down payment and some great timing. Between the bicycle craze and the introduction of early automobiles, F.A. was able to build Goodyear into the world’s largest rubber company by 1926.

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